We're Experienced With Classic Arcade Games

One of the great things about our line of work is all the vintage and collectable games we come across all the time. Classic arcade games, pinball machines and so much more come through our doors often. When people are willing to part with their games from their business or even their personal home collection, we get excited.

We make sure that anything we sell is in the best working order before it hits our sales floor. We set up every machine we acquire and make sure all the components are operational. If there is something that needs to be fixed, we have an incredible fully licensed arcade technician that we work with to address any mechanical issues. This could be anything from replacing buttons and joysticks or even opening the unit for a deep cleaning. All this helps provide our customers with a refurbished product that we stand by.

Right now we’re working on restoring an awesome collection of arcade machines we received from a collector. One of them is an original Jurassic Park pinball machine that is in fantastic condition. All of the cabinet art and sounds are from the original movie. It will make a collector very happy one day soon.

If you’re looking for something unique that you can’t find anywhere else, check out our selection at Odd Bosco. You just might find something to take home today!

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