Unique Pool Tables at Odd Bosco

One of the things we love about Odd Bosco is that we get to some unique products come through our doors. When people purchase a new pool table with us, sometimes they will trade in their previous table which leaves us with some original merchandise for our show room floor. Look at some of our current quirky favorites in the store right now.

This table came to us as a trade in from a HUGE Oklahoma Sooners fan. This 8-foot table is called the Wynne. What makes this table unique is the intricate scroll work on the legs and cabinet. The rails also have a curved design which isn’t very common with more modern tables. The light color of the wood also makes it stand out. For a preowned pool table there’s little wear on the rails, which makes it a good buy for someone looking to save some money on expanding their game room or entertainment space. You can also get the rails recovered with new cloth at no additional cost if you’re more of a Texas football fan.

This next table is an 8-foot ProLine pool table. This table has and interesting green and gold paint job on the legs and cabinet with some fun vines across the body. We’ve come across a couple of ProLine pool tables with custom paint jobs. People like to use the surface area provided on the cabinet to personalize their billiard table. This table would go great in a home or entertainment space with a more traditional interior design.

Finally, we have the Eldorado pool table. This pool table is a creation we built for someone that’s looking for something with a more rustic vibe. The rails of this billiard table and wide and enclosed with a finish that will look good as the table experiences wear from use. The legs are made of reclaimed wood that would make it a prime candidate for a ranch home or vacation property. Pool tables like this one are very popular in Texas.

These are just a few examples of the interesting finds at Odd Bosco. We’re always looking for the unique and extraordinary products that you won’t find at the average brick and mortar retailer. Plus all of our pool tables are maintained by our skilled craftsmen to make sure they’re in the best possible shape for our customers. If you’re looking for something to put in your home or entertainment space, come by our show room or shop us online today!

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