These Shuffleboard Tables are a MUST Have

Are you looking to add unique style to your home? You can always find something that will stand out at Odd Bosco. For example, we came across these awesome shuffleboard tables with great options to convert into a dining table. These tables are the Vivienne, the Arnold and the Camden. Having a shuffleboard is great fun, but if you’re limited on space you wind up struggling with where to put it. There's no struggling with this dining package that comes with a matching dining top for the shuffleboard table. The dining top comes on and off with ease so there's little to set up and tear down. The Vivienne even comes with six high quality dining chairs that just adds on to the big savings.

There's also different sizes for these tables with some being buffet height as well as the standard counter height. They’re the perfect addition to any home that wants to add some entertainment without sacrificing space. Come into our show room and find that special something for your home today.

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